MUHC Dr. B Stein, Dr. S Liberman (514) 934-8486 Dr. V Baffis, Dr. G Wild, Dr. P Szego (514) 934-1934. THE JEWISH Dr. A Cohen, Dr. J Wyse, Dr. P Galiatsatos (514) 340-8222. MEDIC ELLE Dr. J Nawar, Dr. C Mueller. (514) 788-2888. CITE DE LA SANTE Dr. D Farber (450) 668‑1010.

TO CONTACT YOUR PHYSICIAN MUHC Dr. Barry Stein, Dr. Sender Liberman (514) 934-8486, Dr. Vicky Baffin, Dr. Gary Wild, Dr. Peter Szego (514) 934-1934 Jewish General Hospital (514) 340-8222 Dr. Albert Cohen, Dr. Jonathan Wyse, Dr. Polymnia Galiatsatos CITE DE LA SANTE (450) 668‑1010 Dr. David Farber MEDIC ELLE (514) 788-2888 Dr. Josiane Nawar, Dr. Carmen Mueller., MONTREAL


Want to assess your risk of colon cancer?

  • 2015-08-28
Want to assess your risk of colon cancer?

Check out the Canadian version of colon cancer risk assessment tool.
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